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Our Underlying Value - "Demonstrating Your Best"

Professional Consultants

TDG, LLC is fortunate to have strong relationships and affiliations with outstanding professionals in the non and for-profit sectors representing a range of expertise and accomplishment who can be called upon based on the needs of existing and prospective client-partners.


During our assessment phase of your group's needs and capacity, we will make you aware of and or recommend consultants to meet your specific needs.

Jay Paris


Jay Paris has an extensive history in social services and program development as an entrepreneur, leader and manager.  In this capacity,  Paris has developed and implemented several early intervention and prevention initiatives as a member of the Executive Team of Boston-based North American Family Institute (NAFI).  During his 20 years at NAFI, he co-founded the Youth Police Initiative (YPI), a program that aids youth and police build trust and positive communication and has been instituted in 31 cities across America, as well as Bermuda and Belize.  He has also developed numerous youth leadership and educational mentoring programs, and overseen corporate development and marketing.  Prior to joining NAFI, Paris co-founded and served as the Editor-in-Chief of Travel Review Publishing, Inc., an educational travel publishing company.  Throughout his earlier career as an editor and journalist. Paris published widely in magazines and is the author of four books, including “Walking Nova Scotia,” which was a travel book best seller.  Most recently, he co-founded a grass roots arts organization, developing a series of documentary films focused on issues of social justice.

Fran Scarlett

Fran Scarlett is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and their organizations start, grow and thrive.  She is a strategist by training and a pragmatist at heart.  She truly enjoys helping entrepreneurs move from ideation to implementation.  Scarlett specializes in helping companies recognize and leverage their strengths to maximize their potential for revenue growth.  Her experience working with nonprofits as well as small and large for-profit companies across multiple industries has made her adept at assessing the current situation and recommending efficient and sustainable solutions.

Scarlett received her MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications from Boston University.  Prior to her current position, Scarlett served as Regional Director of the Small Business and Technology Development Center at UNCW, she ran her own management consulting firm, Scarlett Ink Media, providing strategic and tactical consulting to news and non-profit organizations. Before that role, she was the creator and general manager of the custom content division of a print and digital company.  The scope of her work spans the strategic to the functional and includes new product development, project management, marketing and operations.


Scarlett is an adjunct faculty member in the management department at the Cameron School and teaches Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behavior and Negotiation. She has served on numerous non-profit boards that support exceptional children, arts education and entrepreneurship.   


Ossco E. Bolton III


It takes a special person to relate to at-risk youth.  Such an individual must be mentally tough enough to deal with hard issues yet incredibly patient so as to nurture students toward correct behavior.  He or she must be a great communicator with a strong sense of purpose, possess an impeccable value system and not be daunted by a fear of failure.

Ossco Bolton is a man on a mission.  As a former Kansas City gang leader, he knows all
too well how lives can be destroyed forever by a few bad choices or even an instantaneous wrong decision.  In 1993, shortly after a nephew was killed by gang violence, Bolton had what he likes to refer to as his own "personal awakening."  He left gang-life participation behind but he did not run from the problem of gang reality.  Instead, he conceived of and developed the game plan for P.O.S.S.E. (Peers Organized to Support Student Excellence).

Bolton has devoted his life to ending gang violence in Kansas City.  By the time he was 33, he had already built an impressive resume of community involvement, awards and an association with numerous city crime prevention, youth empowerment and social service organizations.

In 1993, he served as Kansas City's representative at the Urban Peace and Justice Summit,
referred to as the "gang summit" by the national media bringing together community leaders and gang members together for peaceful discussion.

Bolton was instrumental in the creation and design of Operation Break and Build. Funded by The Kauffman Foundation, AmeriCorps and COMBAT, it was Kansas City's first large scale effort to understand the causes behind the City's gangs and how the resulting violence could be effectively reduced.

In 1994, he Co-Chaired the Criminal Justice Table for Operation Break and Build in partnership with the Jackson County Prosecutors office, at that time headed by former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill.  In 1995, he was appointed by former Mayor, now US Representative Emanuel Cleaver to The Task Force for Race Relations and The Task Force for the Office of Citizen's Complaints.


Bolton has a long and close working relationship with law enforcement agencies especially the Kansas City Missouri Police Department, appointed to the Violence Task Force Committee by Mayor Kay Barnes, as a Commissioner. 

He currently travels the country working with city, state and federal Law Enforcement Agencies conducting anti-gang and awareness training.  Bolton also works with schools, neighborhood associations and other civic and social organizations that are working to build safer communities.

Mary Preston has an eye for detail when providing support.  Preston flourishes while managing overlapping responsibilities.  She is able to successfully complete critical aspects of deliverables, managing projects from conception to successful completion often with deadline pressures.  She has provided support to a variety of non-profits for 10 years.  Preston is fourth generation owner of Preston's Station and president of Preston's Station Historic District.  She is current president of Iowa Lincoln Highway Association and serves on the Lincoln Highway Association's Marketing Committee.


Mary Preston

Our Consultants

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