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  • Is your organization in a place where Effective Board Development is needed to increase engaged board involvement or establish board fundraising roles? 


  • Are you envisioning the type of organization and relevant programming your existing and future constituency really need to carry out your vision and mission?  Is strategic organizational growth a part of leadership's language and if so is it being acted on? What possible viable mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and affiliations planning is occurring or needed? 


  • Don't feel alone if stronger overall resource development programs, processes, planning, systems, and execution are not moving to where you want them to be!  Are your marketing and branding opportunities assessment and development efforts aligned to support these plans?


  • Board members, is interim, comprehensive turnaround management, executive staff search, and or succession planning needed to bridge a current or future transition?


If any of the above questions and or scenarios apply to your organization, contact us to discuss TDG, LLC's possible response, and assistance to help address.  



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