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CFRE International - dedicated to setting standards in philanthropy through a valid and reliable certification process for fundraising professionals.

Preston's Station Historic District

Preston’s Station, the City of Belle Plaine, Iowa, and the Lincoln Highway

Working preserve and restore the District along with educating and raising awareness of the historical significance of Preston's Station, City of Belle Plaine, and the Lincoln Highway.

The Band Method

Embodies the best of New York City - a diverse group of people following their passion under bright lights. Born in Chicago in 2009, this now Brooklyn-based group is made up of world-class musicians and Broadway performers.

Executive Staff Search for Institute for Non-Profit News (INN)

Our Projects

Institute for Non-Profit News (INN)

Executive Staff Search

Conducted a national search through Hartsook Fundraising Counsel Worldwide for a Major Gifts Program Director for INN who sought to establish a new initiative on behalf of its 240 members.

Working closely with the client contact, assisted in determining their desired candidate profile, development of the position description, organize, coordinate and execute marketing and recruitment. 


Represented the client in receiving and evaluating candidate qualifications with recommendations of those meeting expectations.  Arranged final interviews, advising on selection, salary, and benefits package. 


Their top candidate was offered and accepted the position after a relatively quick search lasting approximately 100 days.

INN "Community" of News Fundraisers

Performed assessment of the organization to determine interest in and then developed - INN "Community" of News Fundraisers.  Designed, administered, analyzed a survey through Survey Monkey; produced final reports and recommendations; built the entity, organized leadership and prepared the organization to launch effort.

Youth Police Initiative (YPI)

YPI occurs in three phases: first - selected youth, often with court involvement, but in this case were from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City, complete a four-session after school component helping them process their experiences with police, develop public speaking skills, and examine the concept of public safety for themselves and their families; in phase two, selected youth spend two evening sessions with police, sharing “lifelines” (histories), team building, role-playing scenarios and undertaking group problem-solving exercises; in the third phase, participants gather with the youths’ friends and families for a celebration dinner in which participants and officers are acknowledged and honored for their leadership. Each youth functions as a leader in the training and receives a stipend for participation to prepare for and engage the police officers.

TDG, LLC researched the project from Boston and recommended implementation in Kansas City;  developing funding and provided management and oversight during the first year. 


Based upon formal program evaluation, youth from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City and Kansas City Police Department showed significant or remarkable attitude change towards each other after four cohorts of participants (60 youth) in year one. 


As a result, TDG, LLC was able to secure funding for program continuation in year two.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City Legacy Campaign

Work on these types of projects typically includes coordination, planning, and hands-on to implement the organization’s campaign for all gift levels, i.e., major and planned giving, including prospect research with the V.P. Resource Development, President and volunteer campaign leadership.

We help facilitate prospect assessment, cultivation, and solicitation, with making appointments and calls as appropriate and assist with follow up. Consultation is provided regarding prospective donors with board members and appropriate follow-up coordination, communication, and outreach. Regular reports are provided to the President/CEO and Campaign Committee/Cabinet Chair while advising and assisting with development of events and written materials, requests, and bi-monthly update, Legacy Notes which is distributed to donors and prospects. 

Legacy Banner.jpg

We designed and led the execution of the organization's first planned giving and endowment recognition and cultivation program.  The $10,350M goal was surpassed by more than $2M in May 2021, 6 months ahead of schedule.

National Youth Police Initiative (YPI) Expansion

Working with the North America Family Institute (NAFI) Youth Link Program, the YPI sponsor, TDG, LLC as the official National YPI Program Representative is assisting to develop additional strategic relationships, greater awareness, funding, locations, and enhanced related innovative programming and services.

Support Kansas City (SKC) Champions of Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

We are a part of a team providing technical support and facilitation to the group of community volunteer Champions who are designing a blueprint for non-profit organizations and boards to use in strengthening, and or establishing, and implementing sustainable effective practices around diversity and inclusion, to be a key part of their strategic framework.  Operational recommendations and resource identification will be provided to participating pilot organizations in the areas of recruitment, development, and preparation of prospective board candidates and matching.        


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