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Our Experience

  • Unquestionably, Youth Development, as in best practices, philosophies, and programming is our core competency, and you could say our raison d'etre.  

  • Achieving excellence and success in programming based on effective broad organization effectiveness. 

  • Establish organization's infrastructure and systems of management, administrative, and operational supports that are critical for quality results and impact. 

  • Striving for and achieve established goals by application of broad capacities stated above.            

Our experiences reflect the accountability and responsibilities related to our work in the non-profit sector over many years. 

  • The range of work, projects, tasks, and initiatives we have managed, both successful and sometimes short of the mark, helped us to sharpen our saw, improve, and effectively lead. 

  • By trying to "demonstrate our best" daily, we learned  from our experiences and increased our capacity.

  • The training and education we received, allowed the success achieved in our past roles and responsibilities to be able to share with client-partners during engagements.


Our firm's comprehensive services therefore are available to your organization for most of those key needs you may have.  If we do not have the experience necessary to assist you, we will communicate that upfront.  We look forward to talking with you about your needs and how TDG, LLC may be able to assist.          

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