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Good Organization Communication Ground Rules

Make certain request for assistance from one another or need to know information are clearly understood and shared on as timely a basis as possible.

Its business NOT personal- so start from that position

  • Be aware of tone and body language in presenting/discussing position.

  • Thoroughly explain rationale for actions or position.

  • Seek clarity regarding issues before concluding.

Consistent messaging on key topics at all times

  • Email and or face to face alerts provided on key topics so that everyone is on the same page.

  • Everyone confirm understanding of message by email or verbally

  • Brief daily Stand Up Meetings (Updates on Priority Items)

Demonstrate Can Do attitude and responses vs. why it cannot be done when anyone in the organization makes a request

  • Start by looking for solutions.

  • If necessary “will look into it” should be the response

  • Share knowledge about the situation or issue.

  • Confer with appropriate teammate(s) regarding the scenario and possible solutions

Lead by example.

  • Respectful and professional interactions and communication with others at all times.

Confidentiality is maintained as required.

To avoid “mental constipation” utilize the I-Message model to take responsibility for your own feelings and express them without blaming someone else so as to improve the effectiveness of communication.

Post or keep where you can regularly refer to and employ these ground rules.

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