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My Mother's Sayings...Perspective is Everything

My Mother's Sayings - Perspective is Everything, is a fun recollection of sayings, quips, and perspectives learned from life as my mother’s youngest son which continues to have a strong influence and impact on how I live.

As the youngest of five sons, I was blessed to have a relationship with my mother advantaged by her experiences rearing my older brothers. Often to their chagrin, I had the best of all worlds, i.e., less strict requirements and more benefits in general being four plus years younger than brother number four.

A single female, black mother who raised five boys, she was in her independent nature determined to be exemplary in this responsibility. She was equally supportive and proud of us all, relating to each of us as distinct individuals with our own needs and personalities, alone extraordinary.

I am indebted to her (tough) love, guidance, and example, which helped to frame my own parenting approach, even not having a father in the home to observe and especially to emulate. The lessons she taught have and continue to serve me well.

All five of us appreciated her extreme love and undying devotion displayed including some very difficult and tragic situations she faced with some of us. Her faith, strength and standards helped to sustain each of us and is certainly how she kept going forward.

She would end her email messages (during which was known by all receiving, were quite prolific!) with the phrase “Perspective Is Everything” still cited today by many of us. The depth of her thinking and her life of just under 100 years fostered this example and wisdom that helped her be a life-long seeker of knowledge, a characteristic we all can appreciate, value and benefit from!

I encourage you to pay attention to and learn from the elders they are blessed enough to still have in their lives to hear, see and understand those important principles and perspectives gained in their lifetime which may prove to be instructive as they have and continue to be for me.

If you'd like a copy of My Mother's Sayings - Perspective is Everything visit our web site to order your copy Cost is $10.00 (includes mailing). All proceeds go to Dave's Promise.

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