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Straightforward Strategic Visioning Process

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Effective Strategic Visioning must be designed with organization's capacity to complete and execute plans developed. In our opinion, the processes should observe the Keep It Simple approach due to competing demands organization leaders have to manage and to move to action with a realizable plan that is aligned with broad goals as much as possible. The steps below offer a practical participatory method for Strategic Visioning in an efficient manner (within 90-120 days) that leads to results.

  1. Executive Director and Board Chair reach agreement on the best approach and scope to the strategic visioning.

  2. General Components include: (a) Board presentation and overview; (b) expectations; (c) timelines; (d) revisit current vision and mission; (e) identify priority critical issues; and (f) approval to proceed.

  3. Board members participate in fleshing out critical issues (and present back to entire group at a regular board meeting.

  4. Finalize strategic plan document and completion per date agreed on with Executive Director and Board Chair.

  5. Minutes and reports documented.

  6. Time commitment required.

  7. Translate the Strategic Vision created into an Annual Operational Plan detailed for execution.

The time invested sets a blueprint for addressing organization priorities and deploying resources to best achieve.

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